The Dreamkeeper: Oracle of Osho


An epic search for magic begins in 1962, with fugitive Nazi collaborators, murderous occultists, assassin monks, and troubled teenagers with a form of mind control. Iyabo shares daydreams with her brothers; a rare talent, but not unique. What is unique is her ability to do this with more than one person at a time. This quirk results in her being kidnapped, and taken to England, a strange land where she becomes part of a conflict between seekers of […]

How to explain the N.Korean Crisis to Kids

Once upon a time there was a school bully called Donny. Born rich, and not bad looking, he epitomised the saying that the good Lord giveth, and the good Lord taketh away, because Donny had less sense than he was born with and a mouth that could make a lie just by opening. As his […]

Dear World, have you gone mad?


Dear World, Thank you for the good times so far. Thank you for my caring parents, loving family, and the life experiences that showed me my terrible struggles were little more than teacup storms. I dodged slavery, two world wars, famine, racial oppression, Jim’ll fix it and other human hazards, and to date I’ve not […]

Democracy is for dunces


You might not like to think so, but you are sheep, herded through life and shepherded by self-serving politicians and religious leaders. Just as the church puts forward the existence of an unconfirmable everlasting life as the reward for obeisance, so politicians put forward the fallacious existence of democracy to buy subservience to the will […]

Question: How much is your idea worth? Answer: One measly penny.

“Penny for your thoughts” my dear ol’ mum used to say when she caught me staring into the middle distance. A penny ? Is that all my thoughts were worth. We live in a world where people are paid vast sums of money for their thoughts but what if all along they should just have […]

The Labour Party needs a beauty parade, not elections

Unelectable Labour Leaders

The 25th of September 2010 was when it all went wrong for the UK Labour party, not the 7th of May 2015. Nobody should have been surprised; not the politicians nor the media. The bloody nose that the Labour party had been asking for, and which the electorate duly delivered, was trailered in other bloody election […]