Brexit doom for breakfast

On Thursday 23rd June I voted for the Britain to remain within the EU. I woke up on Friday to find that I was in a minority. Tough. There were the victors (and a few losers) on the telly, telling me that now the country had made a decision to exit the EU we are all now honour bound to implement it. Anyone who thinks this should go get a life!

Wake up Nigel, wake up Boris, wake up Mike! Wake up Brexiters of Basildon, if you think that 52% represents any kind of working majority you have another think coming. Try 60%+ if you want to get anything done. Do Brexiters really think that those of us who disagree with them will now lie down and let them do whatever they want? Of course not, we think you’re as foolish and misguided as you think we are.

Boris Johnson wants to implement an Australian style points system. Er… What exactly does that mean, and I mean exactly. There are a lot of Australians who think their points system is rubbish. When I was a young, single, healthy man, with a background in computing, my skills were in high demand and Australia was crying out for people like me. I looked at the Australian points system and thought nah, sod it, I can work anywhere and I really can’t be bothered with all that crap. I don’t know who went in my place but I don’t care. If Boris likes the Australian system so much he should go and live there.

Is Boris going to write the computer systems, pass the laws, train the Civil Servants, man the borders, reverse the current processes? No! Where is the proof that the points system actually works in Britain’s best interests? Nowhere! What can Boris do to get this implemented then? Answer: he’s going to sign a cheque because that’s all he physically can do. And it will be a whopping big cheque too. I reckon that to implement an Australian style points system will cost the equivalent of two large hospitals, which means that two large hospitals won’t be built and that’s going to go down like a fart in a spacesuit with Britain’s ageing, increasingly obese voters.

The Brexiters are about to discover that it is much easier to rally support when yours is the voice of rebellion, which is why it is right that David Cameron stood down immediately. It should be impossible for Brexiters to win any serious vote to implement any part of a leave campaign by more than 52% to 48% and that’s a long, hard, nasty struggle. All Brexit has done is divide the country, actually rend it asunder if the Scots vote for another independence referendum (as I expect they will) and leave the Union. At least if the Scots leave and join the EU all the Financial Services companies in London won’t have to relocate too far, and relocate they will.

Britain is leaving the EU to become its very own, utterly divided, little country (England). The 350 million GBP the Brexiters said would be better spent on the NHS rather than the EU disappeared ten times over, overnight, in the fall in the value of the pound. Basically, leave campaigners thought the economic forecasters were all lying (doh!), we’re about to discover that every forecast that predicted doom for the economy was optimistic because it did not take into account the fact that those of us who think Brexiters have f**cked us over will now fight them every step of the way and those who lose jobs and income will blame anybody but themselves for their predicament.

Oh by the way, it took 2 hours for France to overtake Britain as the world’s 5th largest economy. I’ll bet the French just can’t wait to let the Brexit boo boys win all the concessions they think they can get from the EU, which they have long declared the enemy and which France is now the second most dominant player in.

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