Democracy is for dunces


You might not like to think so, but you are sheep, herded through life and shepherded by self-serving politicians and religious leaders. Just as the church puts forward the existence of an unconfirmable everlasting life as the reward for obeisance, so politicians put forward the fallacious existence of democracy to buy subservience to the will and whimsy of an elite class.

The real definition of democracy is “a form of government in which supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them or their elected agents under a free electoral system”, but run a poll and you’ll find that’s not what most people think it means. The vast majority of people think democracy means “a freely elected executive appointed to exercise the will of the majority.” Under the latter classification there is not a single democratic nation on earth.

The will of the majority is a joke and if you are British you should treat with derision those people who in the aftermath of the Brexit campaign spout such rubbish as: ‘well 52% voted to leave so… blah’. Who cares what the majority voted for, the will of the majority is irrelevant in a democracy. The nation should do what those who were voted into power to run the country think it should do, not what some bloke in Basildon, with a single-digit IQ wants! If the British people were going to obey the will of the majority then Britain should bring back hanging, because the majority of the population would vote for it.

For those who still don’t get it, the reason for not executing the will of the majority is down to simple maths. If you have a genius with an IQ of 130 who does not have to do the bidding of idiots (democracy), then you have an IQ of 130 to solve your problems. If you say ‘no, the genius has two idiot brothers with IQs of 66, they disagree with him and we should enact the will of the majority’, you will find you can’t add two idiot IQs together and get an IQ of 132, you’ll have a solution put together by idiots, which is an idiotic solution (Brexit).

It’s sad to see how much like sheep people are. Some of the commentary that you hear from the man on the street about democracy is laughable; a significant proportion of the voting population can’t even spell the word! The House of Lords is unelected, of those who voted in 2015 only 36.9% voted Conservative, which is only 24% of those who are entitled to vote.

If we take into consideration that approximately half of the Conservative party want to leave the EU and half don’t, Britain is about to embark on the most momentous change in modern times led by a group that at most represent 12% of the views of the population. If you are a Brexit voter, what I did was divide 24 by two – geddit? Twelve percent! What makes that 12% even more ludicrous, and shows the British to be possibly more stupid than sheep, is that the likely leader of that group does not agree with the 12% but in her greedy, grasping little search for power, is shamelessly retreating from her democratic duty by promising to enact their entirely undemocratic will.

Like their boss before them, May and Leadsom are running away from the responsibility they were voted into power to take, with a distinct possibility that they’re running all of us straight into a brick wall. You’d have thought Britain would learn from the Chilcot report into the Iraq war that acting in haste is moronic, but no, within months of a referendum and with no clear debate on its consequences, its leaders are going to repeat the stupidity of acting in haste and ignoring expert advice, so the rest of us can suffer for decades. I wonder who’ll lead the enquiry into this debacle.

Here’s the final kick up the arse to democracy – whether the leader of this tiny ‘majority’ who will enact the will of the people will be someone who believes in it or not, will be dependent on a vote cast by… Wait for it… Yup, by 0.23% of the population. I saw some of them being interviewed on the telly last night and I can honestly say that the most intelligent thing I heard any of them say was ‘Baaaaaaaaaa.’


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