Agile is easy as turning a key in a well-oiled lock

Agile key

If you put a key in the lock and it doesn’t turn easily then it’s probably the wrong key or the lock is bust. If you’re running an Agile software development team and it’s not going smoothly then in some way you’re probably not Agile, because Agile is easy. Take the steps: Sit down with […]

what the first principle of Agile should say.

What are the principles of software development, for the layman to comprehend, and for those in software development who have just never got round to considering what they are? If we use the Agile manifesto as a lens through which we can examine the subject it seems to me to go wrong from the first […]

Software devs rescue trapped miners

Christmas is a time to celebrate the good things we do. Back in 2010, when a blog called Collectivematters existed, I posted this on the rescue of some trapped Chilean miners. Collectivematters is gone, so here is the post as it appeared back then… The Chilean mine rescue involved three drilling teams, specialists from NASA […]