The bastard child of democracy

Call me a sceptic but I’m willing to bet that 99% of people who voted for Brexit argued among other things that it was to ‘bring back sovereignty’, and 99% of those same people had no idea what sovereignty in Britain meant. I suspect a majority think it has something to do with the queen. British democracy makes everybody subject to the Rule of Law. The lawmaking body above all others is Parliament, NOT the government of the day. In British constitutional law, the doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty maintains that Parliament has unlimited legislative authority. I stress again, NOT the government of the day, but Parliament. As a rule, the courts can't overrule legislation and no Parliament

The Friday Rant: Are you tired of living in the average world?

Bob has an IQ of 140. This makes him very smart but not a genius. Jane, Peter and Paul have IQs of 100, 90 and 70 respectively. The average IQ of this group is 100. The question is: would you rather have Bob make decisions, or would you prefer to live by the rules of the group? Here’s a clue to the right answer – it’s directly related to your own IQ. The numbers above are better than real life. The distribution of Intelligence is not a smooth-sided pyramid, it’s a ziggurat with an incredibly small top. Less than 0.25 percent of the population have an IQ of 140+, while the global average is 90 and falling. If the world is getting more and more stupid, is so-called ‘democracy’ anything more th
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