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I mainly write Stories and Satire, but will dip into whatever takes my fancy. Nigeria will often be the setting of my African tales. A country where 40 million evangelical Christians go to church every Sunday to protect themselves from witchcraft is a source of constant delight and wonder. O Naija, na wa for you. 

My love of literature comes from my Mother, Marion Sikuade, teacher, historian, author of 5 children's books, founder of Childlifeline, mother to every child to come her way, and a wonderful teller of tales. She brought Tolkien, Kipling, Asimov, Wyndham, and Ursula K. Le Guin into my life. From my Nigerian upbringing I acquired traditional Yoruba tales of Ijapa, Babalawos, and juju. I mix it all up and see what comes out.

These are only words, but I'm somewhere in my writing.

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