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The Corsage Sharp Shooter

Category: Fiction    Length: 1320 words

Jake's taking Bo's intended to the prom. Bo's not happy, he got a corsage and everything. He comes from a tough criminal family and he's pretty good with a rifle. It makes you wonder what a boy might do...

The Alchemist - Fin Bheara's gift

Category: Fiction    Length: 2300 words

Callum is looking for the secret of alchemy, the ability to turn base metal into gold. Like many alchemists he believes in the occult. He reaches out to Fin Bheara, legenderay King of the Faerie, and gets a bit more than he bargained for.

Certainly Sir

Category: Fiction    Length: 2300 words

With the arrival of Siri, Alexa, and Google helpers it occurred to me that this technology combined with AI had a dangerous twist. Certainly Sir explores such a twist.

Seven and it's Heaven

Category: Fiction    Length: 7500 words

Based on a question that once sprung to mind - would a dead racist think Heaven was Heavenly if it contained people of other ethnicity - this is a light-hearted story of a man who finds  the reality of Heaven falls short of his expectations.

Blessed are the meek

Category: Adult Fiction    Length: 2300 words

A few months ago I saw a protester in Lagos carrying a placard that said: "When the poor have nothing to eat, the poor shall eat the rich".  In these troubled times I fear the slogan may have been prophetic. This is a story about what might happen if an aggrieved man had the power to press ctrl-alt-delete and reboot the world.

The Dump - a study in subtext

Category: Adult Fiction    Length: 1200 words

The Dump started out as an exercise in subtext. It is about how it is possible to convey more by saying less and leaving things to the reader's imagination. Need I say more?

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