Why we'll have no second coming in Africa

In an outbreak of mass lunacy the people of Malawi have been killing people accused of being blood-sucking vampires. Malawi police are reported as having arrested more than 140 people for their part in these crimes. What is it that turns ordinary people into an insane, murderous, lynch mob? They don’t really believe in vampires, do they? Well yes they do. They believe in vampires the same way people in Nigeria believe in penis thieves. They’re not alone in this weird way, as

Men of god growing fat on the flock.

A wise friend said something to me that encapsulates the truth of so many who profit from religion. He said: 'Dele, if you believed in God the way you believe you're wearing the shirt on your back, you wouldn't care about owning anything, you'd be out there feeding the starving with the last of the food you could buy.' What does it say then that seven of the world's richest 'Men of God' are Nigerian. The one thing these men must have in common is a total lack of belief in the