The Friday Rant: Are you tired of living in the average world?

Bob has an IQ of 140. This makes him very smart but not a genius. Jane, Peter and Paul have IQs of 100, 90 and 70 respectively. The average IQ of this group is 100. The question is: would you rather have Bob make decisions, or would you prefer to live by the rules of the group? Here’s a clue to the right answer – it’s directly related to your own IQ. The numbers above are better than real life. The distribution of Intelligence is not a smooth-sided pyramid, it’s a ziggurat wi

It's official - Tillerson is dumber than a bag of hammers

Donald Trump’s recent assertion - that he had a higher IQ than Secretary of State Rex Tillerson - got one group of software developers wondering – just how high is that? Having drunk a couple of tins too many and spent a day arguing over theorems that might prove Heaven is hotter than Hell, Ezon Fyre of E Cripes Inc. and his software development team were in the mood for more of their unique brand of speculative analysis. The question was: where to start? They started by rese

How to explain the N. Korean crisis to kids

Once upon a time there was a school bully called Donny. Born rich, and not bad looking, he epitomised the saying that the good Lord giveth, and the good Lord taketh away, because Donny had less sense than he was born with and a mouth that could make a lie just by opening. As his nanny would say: ‘catch dat boy with a biscuit in his mouth, and him gonna swallow an’ deny it.’ If Donny hadn’t been such an awful child one might have felt sorry for a poor little rich boy with tiny